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Take Charge of Your Health. 
Live Life Your Way. 

Sports Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
Kettlebell Sports Performance Training


About Me


Hi, I'm Dr. Julia Morgan, Doctor of Chiropractic. But I'm not your typical Chiropractor.  I believe that identifying the root cause of pain and making sure your body is capable and prepared is key for reaching your highest quality of pain-free living. I am also a kettlebell coach whose programs are aimed at educating and empowering you to use movement as medicine for improved function.


What's Your Story?

When you work with me, it won't be a quick pop and out the door. I'll get to know you, your lifestyle, your goals, and together we'll set a plan to realize those goals. Whether your focus is recovery, strengthening, learning and training basic or advanced kettlebell skills, I've got you covered. 

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Keep Doing What You Love

Whether you're a yogi, powerlifter, golfer, or simply want to play with your kids, I'll encourage you to keep doing the things you love, only better! Together we'll take control of your health, because life doesn't have to be painful and rehab doesn't have to mean sacrifice.  



Chiropractic adjustment and manipulation

Kettlebell Sports Performance Training

Functional Soft Tissue and/or IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) exercises and protocols

Manual Therapy for soft-tissue release

Functional Taping with RockTape


Success Stories

"After 3 years of dealing with chronic pain from an overuse injury and seeing multiple different professionals with no results, I finally found someone who could provide pain relief that actually lasts. I’m working out every day again, pain free, and I honestly didn’t think that would be possible. Julia really understands how the body works. She gives you take home exercises that make sense, empower you and keep you accountable in your recovery. I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone."

-Sarah S.

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"I call Dr. Julia my magic pill. I am a personal trainer and put my body through the ringer. She makes sure that notonly I stay healthy, but every time I have injured myself, I walk out feeling better than I went in. I’m not sure how I survived before her” 

-Kristen J.


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