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Midwest Born. West Coast living.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I belonged on the west coast. I also knew that helping others was my mission in life. Years later, here I am. Living my dream career, in the city of my dreams.


I'm Dr. Julia Morgan, Doctor of Chiropractic. But I'm not your typical Chiro. 

Does this sound familiar? Back pain.  Book appointment. Handshake. Cold Hands. Back pop. Out the door. & Repeat. Back pain again. Book appointment. Handshake. Cold hands. Thoughts of "Will I ever feel better?" I'm here to help put the care back into healthcare. 

I am a chiropractor with a focus in sports chiropractic and functional rehabilitation. I am passionate about chiropractic not only for pain relief but also in terms of prevention and the body's incredible ability to heal itself. My goal as a chiropractor is to emphasize wellness as a priority while moving my patients towards attaining a higher quality of life. I believe chiropractic and rehabilitation should be the first stop on a patient's journey into their musculoskeletal pain. I encourage my patients to understand and take charge of their own health through advanced physical performance, pain relief, and injury rehab. 


With my practice I have one overarching mission;

to empower every person to feel and perform their best

through compassionate, high-quality health care for the musculoskeletal system.

My core beliefs: 

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