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Sports Chiropractic: What is it?

Typically when people think of chiropractors they think of the “popping” of the neck or back and not much else. Chiropractic means “done by hand” and sports chiropractors tend to take this a few steps further than conventional chiropractors. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia are all under the umbrella of soft tissue. These soft tissues connect our bones to each other, whether in the hand or in the spine. This is why it is so important not to ignore these structures when getting adjusted. There can be times when a muscle is protecting a joint that is not moving well and if not addressed can lead to unnecessary soreness following a manipulation. Soft tissue therapy is often done manually (by hand) which means more time spent one-on-one with the doctor. Additionally, with this subdivision of chiropractors, a big focus is on rehabilitation. This does not have to be from a surgery, and often is not. It is describing a treatment which focuses on rehabbing certain motor patterns that may not be ideal in individuals. The brain is in total control of how we utilize our body, and by integrating a neurological component to rehab exercises we take them one step further. Too often people find themselves doing an exercise over and over because they think is good for them, but if they are not able to properly activate certain areas or muscles the full benefit of the exercise is lost. There are many additional courses not given in schools that sports chiropractors take in order to accurately see, fix and train people into these better patterns.

Do you have to play sports to see a sports chiropractor? Absolutely not. The term “sports” is used to differentiate a subcategory of chiropractors that are focusing on more than just the traditional chiropractic manipulation. The added services of a sports chiropractor are beneficial to the weekend warrior athlete, the avid (or not so avid) gym go-er, or anyone who cares a little bit more for their musculoskeletal system. Even those who sit at a desk the majority of the day will have an imbalance in certain muscles, and will find the extra muscle work and rehab component of these treatments will serve as a huge benefit to them.

Is it for you? There are still patients who prefer a nice crack, who want the old-school way, who don’t care about all the other “stuff” and that is fine. There are great benefits just in that! But why not take it to the next level by addressing muscular imbalances, soft tissue tension, biomechanical insufficiencies, and learning som e home care exercises that you can take with you forever. Sports chiropractic is for you if you enjoy getting the most out of your body, want to improve your performance potential, learn to connect with your body in ways you may have not before, and want to improve quality of your movement.

If you want to give sports chiropractic a try, email or call (323) 435-4343 to schedule today!

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